‘Ogygia’ is an artist-run international residency and exhibition organised as part of MILKSHAKE the project, a four-part multimedia event focusing on the queer body in a local context and Lily Agius gallery who will be hosting the exhibition of works from Wednesday 17th October till the 26th October 2012.
Twelve young artists from eleven different countries were invited to live and work alongside one another in Malta for a ten-day period, creating original works inspired by the myth of Calypso from Homer’s Odyssey; traditionally associated with Gozo.

The participants are Thomas Apostolou (Greece), Barbora Brezakova (Slovak Republic), Emily Bruton (Ireland), George Eynaud (Malta), Katerina Georgopoulou (Greece), Manuel Godhino (Portugal), Alzbeta Jaresova (Czech Repulic), Sanna Jarl-Hansson (Sweden), Monika Kita (Poland), Daniel James Lackey (UK), Arianna Marinelli (Italy) and Ruyi Wong (Singapore).